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Embrace ED

I Embrace My Eating Disorder

Seeking Svelte
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There may be triggering material within this community.

This is a pro-ed community. We offer support, tips, websites, thinspiration, thoughts, and a place to vent. You are welcome to join. The moderators want to control who enters the community, so you will need to e-mail to join. Thanks.

Our definition of pro-ed: someone who has developed an eating disorder and chooses to embrace it instead of reject it. We do not think that eating disorders are lifestyles. They aren't. Simple.

If you want to join the community, then e-mail sweetened_nightmares@hotmail.com the following:
In the subject put "I Embrace My ED"
And briefly explain why you want to join the community, what ED(s) you have, and maybe a bit about yourself. Please read and understand the rules before applying.

The Rules

  • On your first post, give us your stats and some information about you.

    • This means ch (current height), cw (current weight), hw (high weight), lw (low weight), sgw (short-term goal weight), and lgw (long-term goal weight).
    • Your name, nickname, tips, favorite sites, etc.

  • No rude comments.

    • No making of others.
    • You will be warned, and if you continue to disobey, you'll be banned.
    • Rudeness will not be tolerated.

  • All pictures should be under a LJ-cut.

    • If you don't know what an LJ-cut is, look under the FAQ.
    • No inappropriate pictures!
    • Some pictures can be very triggering, therefore this rule is very important.

  • Encouragement is always welcome.

    • This can include helpful websites, tips, etc.

Moderator - seekingsvelte

This community is in no way responsible for any individual's actions or their consequences. Anyone who joins, joins on their own free will and is not forced to do anything that is suggested. seekingsvelte does not screen posts/pictures. Always be careful when making decisions that will affect your health.